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Goal Setting your way to #BuildingYourBestLife.

Dream big. Set goals. Take action.

I’ve always been a big believer in these three elements. Following this process has led me down the path to achieving things I never thought possible AND has allowed me to build my best life.

A lot of people are resistant to goal setting. BUT done the right way they give you aim, direction, a pathway to follow and a plan.

Having clear goals and a plan creates meaning in your life. They can help you navigate tough times and work towards something that you value.

They help you develop yourselves, allow you to become better versions of who you are, create meaning and give you purpose.

One of the biggest motivations on why I learnt how to set and action my goals was from observing people who were achieving incredible things in their lifetimes.

I would often see these people speak at conferences and events and not only found them inspiring but noticed a trend amongst these high achievers.

Each and every one of them were achieving great things and at a baseline, all of them had figured out how to set a big goal, break it down into small achievable steps and they religiously worked towards them. Then when they achieved it, it was a rinse and repeat process.

Set a goal, break down the steps, work to achieve it and repeat.

In my upcoming MASTERMIND. with Sherrie program, I’ve asked two incredible people that have inspired me in the way they goal set and are living their best lives.

Kerry-Lee Gockel and Paul Gockel.

Kerry-Lee is a self-proclaimed wingless warrior, having been born without any arms she grew up doing everything with her feet but has accomplished some incredible swimming feats over the years, both in pool and in open water.

Paul was born with Spina bifida, he didn’t start swimming until the age of 23 and is a silver medal Paralympian having represented Australia at the 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta Paralympics games.

I met Kerry-Lee through my husband Jason, who is one of Kerry-Lee’s personal trainers. Throughout their training, Jason would share videos of their training and stories of Kerry-Lee and Paul’s lives and they absolutely inspired and amazed me in their outlook, determination and achievements. How every day they are making the most of their lives, despite any physical disadvantages they face in life.

Both Kerry-Lee and Paul have successful careers, she leads a team of 8 in Audit Investigations for the Office of State Revenue and Paul is a Management Accountant within the Department of Housing and Public Works.

And over and above having successful careers Paul and Kerry-Lee are constantly setting themselves new goals, challenging themselves and achieving them through their mutual passion for swimming.

Both have travelled all over the world with swimming, visiting many places they never would have had the opportunity to without it and it’s something that they love doing together.

They now set themselves open water swimming challenges. Just last month they raised money for the Starlight Foundation to help raise money to brighten the lives of kids in hospital, Kerry-Lee pledging to swim 32km over the month and Paul 28km.

Kerry-Lee and Paul are incredible examples of two people that are out there living their best lives and challenging their boundaries.

I saw Kerry-Lee last week at a Business Chicks Breakfast. The day earlier she had just completed a 5km open water swim, was stung by blue bottles, was absolutely exhausted but there she was at 7 am at Breakfast tell me it’s onto 10kms now!!

If you would like to hear more about Kerry-Lee and Paul’s story and find out how you too can learn how to set goals so you can #BuildYourBestLife, apply now for my Mastermind:

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