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Goal Setting Like THE ULTIMATE Real Estate Agent

Imagine a scenario where, in a decade from now, your life remains unchanged. Many of us harbor ambitious dreams, yet we often find ourselves unsure of how to turn these aspirations into reality. I am here to unveil a process that empowers you to take charge of your actions and conquer your goals!

Surprisingly, it takes just one quarter to transform everything—90 days of dedicated action can revolutionise your life. Repeat the process, increase your targets, repeat again, and voila—witness your best sales year ever!

So, let’s set your sights on what ​you need to achieve to have a ​career changing 90 days.​ 

Begin by setting your goals. This will give you a refined path to follow with the KPIs you need to hit to ensure that you can meet your end goal!

First up, to do this you need to gather some historical data from the targets you hit in the previous 12 months. Having this data will help you calculate what KPIs you need to hit to reach the monetary goal so that you can do and have all the things you want in your life!

So, for the past 12 months collect the following:

  • The GCI you achieved.

  • The number of transactions you made.

  • The number of auctions you held.

  • The number of properties you listed.

  • The number of listing presentations you conducted.

  • The number of appraisals you did.

  • The number of pages of print advertising you achieved.

  • The average VPA per transaction you met.

Put that information to the side, as we are going to use it a little later.

Next, envision how you want each aspect of your life to look and feel in 2024.Dream big!

Use the following headings to guide you:

  • WORK: GCI + Number of auctions, listings, sales + Projects + Training

  • FINANCIAL: Savings + Super

  • HEALTH: Exercise + Wellbeing + Diet

  • LOVE: You + Partner

  • FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Communication + Children + Parents + Siblings + Pets

  • FUN AND REWARDS: Holidays + Mini breaks + Material Rewards + Experiences

With your life vision outlined, it's time to determine how much you need to earn to manifest these dreams. To do this, I’ve created a handy calculator that you can download and use!Find it here -

All the figures that you collected previously, you can now plug these into the calculator. You’ll be able to see firm targets that you will need to achieve to reach the income you desire to meet your goals!

Now that the figures are sorted, break down each target (transactions, listings, appraisals, etc.) into small, achievable steps. For instance, determine the number of appraisals needed, listing presentations required, properties to list, and sales to make in order to achieve your specified goal.

This should give you a baseline that you can breakdown quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily and give you the pathway to what you need to achieve to reach those dreams!

Want more? Join Sherrie online on the 6th February for POWER UP your 2024! In this session she will walk you through this goal setting process and MORE.

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