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Getting focussed and planning forward.

With less than 3 weeks till the end of the year, how are you rounding out your 2020?

With focus and forward planning?

Or are you ending the year in chaos and planning a refresh come January 1?

If you are the former, then a big congratulations to you!

Closing off 2020 and pre-planning for 2021 will allow you to truly switch off on any holidays that you have coming for you and give you a head start in the new year, so you hit the ground running.

If you are the latter, consider taking a moment to revisit how you will be starting the new year. 2020 has been a challenge. Wrapping up and planning now gives you the opportunity to start fresh and achieve your goals in the new year.

Whether you do a full plan this side of Christmas or spending time thinking about your goals and projects how you approach the start of the year, it will set you up for the year, will pay you in back in dividends and give you an advantage when 2021 kicks off.

How do you start?

First things first you need to audit what 2020 brought you.

Do an in-depth analysis of how you performed, what targets you set and if you hit them, outline your wins for the year and take note of places where you need to improve.

This step is one of the most important that you can do. Being really honest with yourself (no matter how brutal) is the key to giving yourself an advantage in the new year.

Next is calculating where you are and where you want to be.

Look at setting goals in the categories of work, love, friendship, finances and fun. Break down your figures, calculate the targets you want to hit next year and use this information to set up your plan.

If you need some help with working out your figures to set your goals, download my free goals calculator here:

It will help you figure out how you’ve performed this year and calculate the targets you need to meet to help you reach your 2021 goals!

You will also go on the list to receive my ‘Roadmap to Success for 2021’ and learn how you can get organised, get clear and revolutionise your career!

The last step is structuring out how you are going to do it.

Figure out where you need to improve to hit your goals. Do you need to book in time with a coach to help you learn how to achieve your goals? Do you need to start a new training course? Do you need to implement new processes and set up new structures and systems in your business?

Whatever it is that you need to do to take you to the next level, working out and book it in.

So, what does 2021 look for me in my business? I’ve just spent the past two weeks implementing this exact process in my own business.

What’s on the list for me?

⭐️ More of my #BuildYourBestLife Success Manual + Daily Diary and evolving it to help you level up your careers even more!

⭐️ Releasing season two of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast and do I have some amazing guests lined up!

⭐️ Hosting my FREE event at The Calile Hotel on the 20th January 2020 – POWER UP your 2021! I only have a few tickets remaining, you can grab them here:

⭐️ and shhhhhhh! Releasing my super-exclusive Mastermind Program, taking agents to a new level in their careers and in the industry!

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