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Forget about the Unicorns…

Have you noticed that the notion of unicorns and more specifically being a ‘Unicorn’ around over the past few years?

The appeal of being a unicorn is its rarity. A Unicorn symbolises something that is essentially unattainable. It’s the perfect real estate agent we have all coveted and desired to be.

But getting caught up in chasing this ideal we’ve forgotten the obvious. Unicorns actually don’t exist.

We’re spending too much time attempting perfection that we are missing out on what is really needed.

Less perfection, more authenticity.

Want to be real world? Be a zebra instead.

First of all, Zebras are real.

They still stand out from their pack and embrace their uniqueness. Zebras are individuals. Their strips are like finger prints and no two are the same.

They’re smart. They outwit their predators with what they learn over a life time, their skills and tactics.

They’re team players. Unicorns are not. (I mean seriously have you ever seen more than one unicorn?) Have you ever noticed that you always see Zebras in large herds? Banding together as a group?

Their individual input results in stronger collective output, not just with their own groups but with other animal herds as well.

I think we can all agree that the most successful real estate leaders have and have had help through their journey.

Let’s stop focusing on the magical and mystical and instead embrace the Zebra! Be an agent that stands out, an agent who is a real and authentic and yet still one of a small few.

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