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Finessing your leadership skillset

Each and every one of us has the opportunity to figure out and really understand ourselves, using this knowledge to develop the highest and best version of yourself.

Doing this is finding the highest and best use of your natural skillset and using those skills as an individual, with your family and friends and developing yourself as a leader in our industry.

Many leaders are natural leaders, they were born with specific skills that help them naturally lead. There are others that have trained and developed these skills over time.

But how do you develop and harness and finesse these skills?

Firstly, discover what your natural born traits are.

Are you empathetic to the needs and wants of those around you?

Do you find that you set up in challenging situations?

Do you find ways to do the right thing, no matter the opposition?

Are you able to help agents around you to be the best that they can?

Do you identify new technology and tools early and have the ability to embrace and implement them?

Do you have the ability to help the end consumer feel like you’ve more than exceeded their expectation and surprise and delight them?

Do you practice what you preach?

Do you believe that you are the best person for the job that you are in every day?

Figuring out what your natural traits are, allows you to use them as a tool to help you lead. It also helps you determine areas that you want to develop further and practise more.

Your development starts with you and taking ownership of making yourself the best person that you can be is where it starts.

A great leader is also an early adaptor. With so many innovative new approaches to the way that we do business, leadership requires you to have the skillset to review, select and implement new ideas and new technology.

Trial the new tech product that comes to the market and assess if the innovation improves your business.

Embrace social media and building a celebrity profile, spend time researching what your consumers want from you on your social media platforms and become an information source and educator to your audience.

Be an early adaptor of new platforms, I’ve seen some pretty innovative uses of Tik Tok for example. Being an early adopter of new platforms gives you a huge leg up in growing your audience fast.

So, what skills can you harness and what skills you need to improve at?

If you’d like to hear more about you can develop your skills to become the best leader that you can possibly be, listen in to episode #24 of the ‘Build You Best Life’ podcast!

This week I had on the show, International guest, President and CEO of the Realogy Expansion Brand Portfolio, Sherry Chris. She shares with us her journey into leadership, how she developed her skills, finessed her leadership style and became an innovator in the industry.

You can listen in to episode #24 on your favourite podcast channel below:

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