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How working 5 days a week can improve your business.

Having a career in real estate it is easy to find ourselves working 7 days a week without realising it.

Working hard doesn’t means putting in long hours. Staying late and coming in early doesn’t equal efficiency.

We need to start tuning in to knowing when to stop when we’ve put in a solid’s day work or are feeling run down. Practising awareness can mean that you avoid burnout if you take preventative action. Sometimes it’s easier to keep working but we need to take the steps to stop work and focus on other things in your life.

Real estate is a marathon, not a sprint. It is easy to fall into the trap of ‘busy’ and being productive instead.

It’s time that we commit to designing and living our best productive life.

It’s about work-life integration, not work-life balance.  

Balance implies equal weights on a scale and constantly chasing that will just create more stress.

You have the choice on how you want to design your life so how are the next 365 going to look like for you?

Prioritising your life without compromising your work begins with communication, organization and self-control.

Where do we start?

  • Develop a plan and stick to it. Your success depends on many things, but a good plan on how you want your business and life to look like gives you an amazing baseline to work from. Outline each aspect of your business and life, what you want to look like and develop goals around it. Outline each and every little thing you do in your job and how you can structure it to complete in five days.

  • Create structures and processes. Build your business model around the scarcity of time. Use the tools that you have at your fingertips already – your CRM is an amazing resource if you use it to its full potential. Embrace new technology, AI is on our doorstep and has the ability to take repetitive tasks off our hands and turn our data into valuable information. Build out processes for each and every task that you complete in your business.

  • Build teams and delegate. Prioritise your most dollar productive tasks and make sure that your team is all on the same page as to who is responsible for what. Don’t try to do EVERYTHING, find people that do those tasks better than you. Be conscious of your team’s time and when asking for assistance, provide enough time so that it can be incorporated into their workload.

  • Preserve your energy. Block out time for you, your health, your sanity, your family, your friends and time just to have fun. Divert your phone calls, turn off your emails for a while. Put your personal time on your work schedule as an immovable appointment. The world will keep spinning and will be there when you tune back in.

Build out your idea week (with a little wiggle room for those things that just come up) so you can start living your best life!

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