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Collaborations + Conjunctions

Resilience, adaptation, innovation and collaboration are all qualities that we have needed to embrace more than ever thanks to COVID and the resulting economic crisis.

Our industry is adapting and implementing new processes, procedures, innovations and technologies faster than we ever have before.

Building relationships via zoom or facetime with our buyers and sellers, implementing virtual tours of properties and online auctions are just a few. Each and every one of us has levelled up from the agent who hasn’t felt comfortable on camera right through to auctioneers having to adapt their style of online auctions.

COVID has forced our levels of service to change and moving forward we may find many of these skills we have learnt become the new norm. For example, with time being an important commodity, the demand from consumers to view property virtually will likely remain. The benefit of them being able to view a property at any time day or night and view more properties in a smaller amount of time. It helps streamline their process and delivers higher intent buyers to our inspections.

The boundaries of our roles have changed. With auctioneers now conducting online auctions, they are no longer restricted to a physical location. This opens up doors for agents to use the auctioneer of their choice, no matter their location – metro, regional and rural!

And what about agents?

I’ve personally used conjunctions and collaborations within the industry in my business strategy and experienced how they benefit my business. Now there are more and more opportunities to do more of both to better yourself as an agent.

Now you have the ability to work your hot buyers and provide them with an additional service in marketplaces you don’t normally operate in. It’s also about being open to another agent proving hot buyers to you and taking the opportunities that come with this.

It’s time to start doing dual listings with agents when the chance arises. You’ll be reaching more buyers operating two agent databases for your seller. It’s also an opportunity to learn from another professional in your industry and see what others are doing to service their clients.

Think about working on deals in different markets, price brackets, styles of homes and stepping out of your comfort zone to do commercial, project marketing or perhaps even a deal in a different state.

Think about a learning collaboration. Is there someone in your marketplace that you can open up with? A rival, but not a competitor, who will push you to be better. One that is willing to share their systems, marketing concepts, sales techniques, hiring practices and their internal culture beliefs to help you both build better EBU’s or agencies.

Right now, is the time to pivot, learn, upskill, innovate and implement. We have a moment in time where everything has been thrown into chaos and we’ve had to go back to the drawing board, to do better, to be better. To find faster, more profitable ways and efficient ways of doing things which will lead us to deliver a much better consumer experience in buying and selling properties.

Now is the best time to do the above when the environment changes. Meet the needs of your audience by adapting and building relationships.

Focus on building relationships both with buyers and sellers and by collaborating and conjuncting with other agents in the industry.

If you’d like to find out more about how I leveraged my relationships via conjunctions and collaborations, tune into Episode 7 of the ‘Build Your Best Life’ Podcast today:

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