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Building a digital attraction business.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

You’ve invested and spent countless hours and dollars into cultivating and building your personal brand.

You’ve perfected your image; you’re marketing is on point and you’re slaying your scripts and dialogues.

But there is a pretty major element that you may have missed and while it may seem like it’s out of sight, out of mind, it’s one of the most important elements of your business.

Your digital profile.

In 2021, most of your clients have researched you BEFORE they’ve even reached out to you. And most of the time they’ve done this online.

One of my highest recommendations is to make sure that you google yourself and look at your profiles in the way that a potential client would.

- Check out your profiles on the portals – are they completed and up to date with your most recent information.

- Cross-reference any review sites that you’ve set up.

- What social media profiles do you have active? Are you posting regularly or are they ghost profiles? Remove them if you are not using them.

- Are your personal profiles private? If not, can they be found easily and do they contain information you are okay for a client to see?

Building and maximising your profile is not just about brand management. If you are active and using your digital profiles correctly, they are an essential ingredient in building an attraction business where you prospect less. They help you become THE ULTIMATE AGENT and build a power agency!

When thinking about who are some great business leaders that have excelled at building exceptional digital attraction businesses, there is one that came immediately to mind.

Susannah George is the founder and CEO of Australia and New Zealand’s LARGEST independent media company, Urban List. From starting out in her bedroom in 2011 to now being one of the fastest-growing media companies in the country.

Susannah’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in building and developing a digital business is something that I have always wanted to tap into and share with my community.

If you want to hear about how you can implement Susannah’s concepts of how she built her digital attraction model into your real estate strategy, tap into the Urban List’s audiences wants and needs to target your marketplace of buyers and seller, join my Mastermind with Sherrie program starting in April. You will learn from Susannah and other Rockstar keynote speakers, create your own goals and accountability to match and join a higher shared learning experience!

Find out more and apply for your position here:

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