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Being THE ULTIMATE AGENT vs a Real Estate Agent.

The way a real estate agent operates in their business has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. No longer are the real estate mercenaries (those that burn and churn out in the marketplace) finding longevity in their careers and can’t enjoy the prosperity a career in real estate can bring, they’re too busy with the hustle and grind 24/7!

If you are finding that you are deep in the hustle and grind lifestyle, the time to change is NOW.


Your marketplace’s behaviours and expectations have changed.

They are looking for someone who is with them the whole way of their property journey. They want someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable (not just property prices, but on how they can improve their property to increase value, the best marketing products to invest in, the best-selling strategy to use etc), well connected with their database and when it comes down to it… as you are selling their biggest asset, they want to like and connect with you.

To be THE ULTIMATE AGENT you need to meet your audience – buyers and sellers – where they are at in their behaviours and expectations.

With so much access to information at their fingertips, they have high expectations. They are generally well researched before they speak to you so have a base of knowledge to work from. They expect fast response times and have a low tolerance to being ‘played’ by their chosen agent.

And on top of all of that, they want to feel special and important. And I understand why! They are entrusting you with their greatest asset. The one thing of highest value to them. They want to feel confident that you are the right person to handle the sale or purchase on their behalf and they want to feel like you are there to support them the whole way.

All of these attributes are those of THE ULTIMATE AGENT.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT operates from two strong databases – working their everyday CRM and Social Media (yes! This is a database!)

THE ULTIMATE AGENT dedicates time to build relationships within their circle of influence – within the industry, with suppliers and relevant networks.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT excels in presenting their listings for sale the whole way through the process. From recommending upgrades, styling, photography and copywriting, custom marketing plans, property PR and how you run exceptional open homes.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT is process driven. They have a process to follow for each stage of the business ensuring each time a consistent level of service is provided and nothing is missed.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT knows the value in PR for both the property and their own brand and builds relationships with those who can edify them.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT invests in personal marketing. From print, outdoor, letterbox drops, social media and getting involved in their community.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT provides exceptional service throughout every stage of their business and to every person they connect with, from buyers to sellers, suppliers and colleagues.

THE ULTIMATE AGENT is always on a mission to be the best agent they can be. ALWAYS BE LEARNING!

Those agents who dedicate time in 2022 to levelling up and becoming THE ULTIMATE AGENT, will overtake the current market leaders. Is this you?

So, are you ready to set yourself apart from the crowd and become THE ULTIMATE AGENT?

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