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Being an Optimistic Real Estate Leader

Last week, I kicked off the 2023 session of my ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie’ program for 2023. We started the first of 6 sessions with a bang hearing from the incredible Victor Perton, the Chief Optimism Officer from the Centre of Optimism, who shared his insights on leadership and optimism.

Victor has a wealth of knowledge on how cultivating a positive outlook as a leader can directly improve the outcomes and experiences of our employees and clients. We learnt so much from him that I wanted to share a few key takeaways.

The importance of optimism as a leadership trait.

During the session, Victor emphasised the importance of optimism as a leadership trait. He defined optimism as a combination of hopefulness and confidence about the future and encouraged attendees to expect good things. He also shared a mantra that resonated with many attendees: "The leader in you is the leader in the mirror." - reminding us that the leader we aspire to should be reflected in the person we see in the mirror.

Victor went on to discuss how infectious optimism can be and how everyone can develop this skill. He shared an example of how infectious optimism was implemented for cancer surgeons. By cultivating a positive outlook, surgeons were able to improve their outcomes and the experience for their patients.

The power of gratitude.

The attendees also learned about the power of gratitude and how incorporating a daily gratitude practice can help shift their mindset towards the positive. Victor encouraged attendees to make gratitude a daily ritual by listing three things they are grateful for each day and adding them to a gratitude journal.

Attendees also learned the importance of seeing the stars, not the mud. Victor reminded attendees that it's their choice to choose to see the sparkle, even on difficult days.

The importance of persistence and resilience in leadership.

Victor acknowledged that both life and business can be full of failures before success, and that being optimistic can help individuals bounce back from setbacks. He encouraged attendees to adopt positive habits to help foster an optimistic outlook.

The little things you can change to make a big difference.

Throughout the session, Victor provided various tips and tricks to cultivate optimism in oneself and in others. He encouraged attendees to change their greeting from "how are you?" to "what's the best thing in your day?" This simple change can help shift the conversation towards positive stories and experiences. He also recommended smiling and saying hello to everyone, and expressing gratitude and thanks to those who provide services.

Overall, we all learned a lot from Victor Perton that we will be implementing into our day to day lives. Victor's tips and tricks will undoubtedly help all of us develop and improve our leadership skills and pass on our infectious optimism to those around them.

Session one of ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie’ has already been such a powerful experience, I’m beyond excited to share with everyone the rest of the journey all the MASTERMINDERS are going to take over the remaining 5 months!

Wish you didn’t miss out on the opportunity this year? You can pre-register your interest for 2024 now! Visit

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