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Are you ‘working’ your listings and results?

In real estate are often running at a pace of a million miles an hour. That can mean that we aren’t optimising once of the most lucrative and easy to implement strategies in our businesses to get more listings, sell more properties and build our profiles. If you’re not doing it, I can tell you right now you’re missing out.

The two fastest ways to build traction is by leveraging and working the listings that are currently on the market and the second being leveraging our results to our market. All it takes is one property to change your quarter, your year and your career.

Now, before we get into breaking it down, I have a FREE 51-point checklist, available for you to download that I’ve perfected over the years. It covers both strategies and is so detailed, it tells you what to do and when throughout the process. You can find it here:

Now it’s time to talk about leveraging our listings and results in the market.

This is a process where you embrace all forms of mediums and marketing, move properties from off-market to on market, and that your dialogue and motivation in our communications revolve around trying to provide quality and helpful information instead of just purely asking for listings.

This is about using all mediums available to you to work your area.

If we think digitally, that is:

- Sending text messages about your listings your hot buyer and pipeline sellers.

- Working your social media – sharing live tours, Instagram stories, selfies with the owner on sold.

- Sending weekly informative newsletters to your database that share relevant information that they would want to read. Not just your listings and results, this they can find online.

The biggest focus here needs to be telling the story of the property and sale to create a connection with your buyers and seller. It’s never about just listed’s and just sold. Find the story in your properties!

The other strategy I use here is working the letterbox. Distributing letters to the neighbourhood and absentee owners are a crucial component of building your profile and in selling listing homes.

As time-poor agents, we don't value the importance and the impact that a non-generic personality plus well written and thoughtfully crafted story of the listing auction and sale has.

Don’t waste time here by just sending ‘something’ out. Today the marketplace is tired of super-polished real estate agents telling them about another just listed and another just sold. They want fewer egomaniacs and fewer infomercials. Instead, they are looking for real value and genuine information that is not available online. So, keeping owners updated before launch and before the results out in the marketplace is also key.

Make sure that your communications show who you are. Be real, be fun!!! I encourage you to step outside the box and show your marketplace your edge, your point of difference. And furthermore, why you are the best agent to appoint and why your worth higher commission fees.

If you follow the 51-point checklist you will distribute 5 letters for every single property that you list, both to the residents and the investors. You'll send a:

- just listed

- an auction invite

- an under contract

- a just sold

- and finally, a prospecting letter.

It’s important you make sure that you not only personalise these letters with your personal flavour BUT mix them up. Have a few different versions so that they are not receiving the same letters all the time.

Remember consistency is key with these.

Every property, 5 letters.

Think about it this way. Even if you only list 3 properties in a marketplace per quarter, the residents that are in your neighbourhood will have received a total of 15 letters a year from you. More than once a month. It’s enough to establish your brand and dominate the market through a letter.

If you’d like to find out more about this strategy, listen to episode #11 of the ‘Build Your Best Life’ Podcast. I go further into detail about each of the strategies above.

You can find the episode on your favourite podcast channel below:

And remember to download my Free 51-point checklist! Follow the process that my clients use, and I used in my career that has structured our success and helped us live our best lives!

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