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3 things you should do in your Real Estate business in your first week back.

If you are back at work, one of the few that are in the office, you can view this week as a soft launch into 2023.

With the extra time, space, and few distractions, it offers you an opportunity to step up and get your business prepared to fire up when the time is right.

So, to help you prepare, here are 3 things you should do for your business in your first week back.

Check-In. On Pretty Much Everything.

Now is the perfect time to check up on the housekeeping elements of your business.

Review your processes and procedures and update them if need be. Or even write those that you’ve had “on the to-do list”!

Clean out your filing, your inbox and even your phone storage.

We want to start with a clean slate.

Check-In. Review Your Marketing.

Start by looking at your marketing collateral. Is it up to date? Is your information correct? Are your profile photos reflective of who you are today? If not, it’s time to bring them all into 2023.

Check your digital footprint. Does your profile check out online? Do you need a new bio or to tweak and update your current one? Do you have any unused social profiles still live that you can shut down?

Take the time to go through your current marketing campaigns. Are your current plans still relevant? Should the approach be adjusted for current times?

Review your personal marketing plans. Check-in with yourself to see if the budget you have allocated is still appropriate. Can it be spent in a different channel for better results?

Check-In. Map Out Your Goals.

If you didn’t take the time at the end of 2022 to wrap the year up and plan for this year, now is your chance. Knowing what you want to achieve, building a road map and accountability plan to drive you forward and implementing it will give you the time and energy to focus on the work that is dollar productive in your business.

If you take the time to sit down and walk yourself through these three things alone, you are taking steps to ensure that you are on you’re A-Game in 2023.

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