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10x Your Personal Development

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Professional development is a critical element in helping you achieve personal and professional success and ensure that you have longevity in your careers.

There are many opportunities in our industry for you to extend your knowledge, further your skills and increase your potential. I know! When I first entered the industry, I consumed and implemented as much knowledge as I could.

From training through my agency, attending every AREC and industry professional development day I could, I fast-tracked my career.

What was critical in my own development was taking full control and responsibility for it. It meant that I went over and above in educating and improving myself AND I implemented, tested and refined everything.

Once I had all my systems and structures in place, I started to cast my net further, not only seeking inspiration and education from those in the industry but those that as a whole have achieved amazing things or experienced great highs over and above what most of us could dream of.

A professional, gold medal athlete and you, a business owner and high performing agent, have many parallels. Athletes eat, sleep and breath their sport. Everything they consume and do drives them to their goals.

Most agents eat, sleep and breath their business and industry. There is a huge opportunity here to educate and expand themselves to drive themselves closer to their goals. Your business is your championship.

I learnt very quickly that by stepping outside the real estate bubble I could diversify my education.

I learnt how other amazing and inspirational people structured their lives to achieve their goals and what they had to do and sacrifice to get there.

I learnt how they set and broke down their goals, hit their targets, maintained motivation, faced their challenges and adversities and how they felt when they achieved what they set out to do.

The things I learnt from these people were often processes that I could transfer into my business, looking at things from a different angle and enabling me to challenge my approach and customise my ideas.

In fact, still to THIS DAY, I go back and re-listen to some of my favourite sessions that have truly left a positive impact on me and my business.

Because of the value that I have gotten from high-level performers and what I have personally experienced with improvements to my own business, I decided I wanted to help my clients achieve the same.

If you are interested in taking your career to the NEXT level, then my Mastermind. With Sherrie is for you. Learn from some of the most interesting, intelligent, driven and inspirational high performing leaders out there in a highly exclusive environment. With only 22 places (11 have already been snapped up!) you can find out more here and apply for a position:

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