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Ep. 5 | How to become THE agent of choice in your marketplace.


Being a legitimate option, let alone THE option in your marketplace can be difficult, especially if you are working in a highly competitive market or one that has been tightly held by career agents.


Today I’ll be helping you with strategies and solutions to help you smash those glass ceilings, knock down doors and blast away any roadblocks to help you get more listings, more sales, build better relationships, have happier clients and have more money in the bank.


I talk strategy on:

  • How you can dominate the market and the neighbourhood both digitally and physically.

  • How to audit your presence in the marketplace.

  • How to differentiate yourself from others and take control of your fees.

  • How you can level up your open homes and private inspections to find the invisible opportunities.

  • What over-servicing your buyers and sellers looks like.

  •  And more.

If you’re ready to stop being just another agent in your marketplace, become a legitimate option or better, THE option then this is the podcast for you!

Episode length 18.40 minutes.

You can download a copy of the full transcript here.

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