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S2: EP8 | Overcoming Adversity

Has someone ever made you feel like
you're not worthy, or you're not capable?
Or have they directly told you that you can't do it,
you won't achieve it and you won't succeed?

And learn what the key ingredients that make us

successful in business and life?

It's time to start stepping up, trust yourself and your ambitions,

and turn your disadvantages into a success story.


In this episode of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast, 

we're going to step away from the real estate industry

for just a second and talk to



Kerry-Lee was born without arms and grew up doing everything with her feet from day one. She's a self-proclaimed wingless warrior, a lawyer by qualification, and she's just completed an 11 Kilometre ocean swim for charity.


Paul was born with a condition note of spinal Bifida and only took up swimming at 23yr to maintain some physical fitness. However, he was selected for two Paralympic teams for Australia, winning a silver medal in the men's four by 100 team relay.


Now, Paul and Kerry-Lee show us that if you want it, if you work for it, then go for it because anything is possible.


Their story is one of overcoming adversity despite life's disadvantages, it is one of true inspiration. A story of how to Build Your Best Life.


Today's episode was recorded live and partly taken from my

Mastermind. With Sherrie Series,

which runs annually from April to September

for a select group of agents.

If you want more information or you wish to apply 

Click here

Listen to the episode here!

Season two of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast

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