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S2: EP.5 |  Leveraging Listings,

Sales, and Results.

Ready to learn how you can list two more properties for every one you sell
and still create more TIME for yourself in the process?


In this episode of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast, I share MY SECRET TO LEVERAGING YOUR LISTINGS!

This is my entire, guaranteed to work LISTING-TO-SOLD strategy. Learn how to create every step that you need in the sale process. From off market to launch to auction, what you need to do to capitalise on a price change and all the steps in the lead up to and post settlement.


This also includes the processes for social media, sending letters and text messages, working your database and who you should prioritise to call.

So if you’ve ever wanted to become a LISTINGS MACHINE!
Get your pen and paper ready because this information will transform your career and your business.

Listen to the episode here!

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51 Point Checklist

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