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S2 EP. 13 | Building an Effective and Profitable EBU Team

Overwhelmed with tasks that are stopping your productivity?

Or maybe you want that help but are too afraid to hand over the responsibility?


I think it's time you need to build a dream team!


In this episode, I’ll be giving you my top tips

on how to build your team and EBU from the ground up!

Listen to how you can:


  • Shift your mindset from solo agent to team leader.

  • Build out roles within your EBU with team structures and positions.

  • The roles and expectations of each team member.

  • Weekly growth agendas that promote business growth.

  • Utilise your dollar productive activities.


Learn ways to empower your team members so they are confident, highly skilled and become an asset to your business. We all know the saying; you are only as strong as your weakest link!


With a successful effective business unit (EBU) you will see tremendous growth within your business and open up time to balance and Build Your Best Life.


It’s time to build that dream team that will build your business into an empire!

Listen to the episode here!

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51 Point Checklist

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