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S2: EP17 | EBU and How to Build them

Learn how to structure your team
to sustain an effective business unit (EBU)
that will sky rocket your business!


Because building your EBU is an opportunity to BUILD YOUR BEST LIFE!

I will share my thoughts on how Lead Agents and Business Owners should structure their teams, allocate tasks and roles, maximise their profit margins and create stability in their businesses and agencies.


In this episode, you’ll learn... 

  • How to create a fair structure for everyone involved.

  • What costs and income that the team will share?

  • Financial structure and how to pay your team members.

  • The importance of setting vision, goals, and KPIs.

A Change in Mindset is the key to a successful, long-term EBU. One where your team is empowered, knows their roles, thinks for themselves and works together. In return, you have a profitable business with less pressure of handling everything yourself and where you can have a more sustainable workstyle where you can take holidays and work less.


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