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S2: EP14 | Quadruple your revenue in 4 years

Want to know how to 4x your revenue whilst building a team and profile?

Change can be scary but the transformation is EMPOWERING!

Continue to change your mindset and hear from Sarah Ward,
lead agent from Stone Real Estate.
Sarah overcome her imposter syndrome
to succeed in building her business from
$300k GCI to $1.38m GCI!


Sarah Ward is a high-performing sales agent with Stone Real Estate, servicing the Wollongong and Illawarra region. She started in the industry 12 years ago and has progressed her career to become one of the region's most sought-after agents.

In this episode Sarah shares with us...

  • How she worked her way up the industry ladder, overcoming self doubts and shaking off imposter syndrome.

  • Taking that leap of faith and transforming her business to million dollar status.

  • Going from solo agent to team leader.

  • Structuring a successful EBU and growing a team to achieve better productivity and revenue.

  • Juggling work life, home life, and being a contributing member to the community.

Sarah is an agent who took that jump and levelled up her career to
million dollar status (and beyond) but growing her revenue didn't fall into her lap! Growth comes with hard work and good timing, Sarah continues to set goals, hit targets, and build her best life!


If you want to know how you can achieve this,
tune in to todays episode!

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