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Leveraging Listing to Sold: Yours in Real Estate


Leveraging Listing to Sold: Yours in Real Estate

$249.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price

🔥 Grab these Letter Packs before they retire! We're on sale for three days only for $100 off! 🔥


If you like your letters to have a more formal flavour, this is the pack for you.


Keeping things traditional and informative our professionally written letters will impress the letter boxes and the home owners that they are delivered too.


With the tone of voice expressed as:


“I’d love to be the agent who helps you secure a premium result!”


“Backed by a stellar [insert your years in the industry] year career and wealth of real estate wisdom, I’ve secured [insert the number of properties you have sold] sales so far this year for my valued clients.”


“Imagine if you had the power to pick the people who purchase this property? It’s more possible than you might think!”


[Insert property address] is SOLD! Want to Know How We Made This Real Estate Magic Happen?


The ‘Yours in Real Estate’ will solidify you as an agent of choice in your market place.


Each pack contains

  • Just listed
  • Auction Invite
  • Under Contract
  • Just Sold
  • Prospecting letter


All letter packs are ‘limited releases’ to ensure that these letters don’t become mass used by agents in the same marketplace.


Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase today!

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