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Leveraging Listing to Sold: Keeping Real Estate... REAL!


Leveraging Listing to Sold: Keeping Real Estate... REAL!

$249.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price

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Keen to keep the conversation flowing?


If you like your letters to have a ‘casual chat’ vibe, then the ‘Keeping Real Estate Real’ pack is for you. 


Designed to connect with the reader by humanising a standard sales letter. This pack feels like you are having a conversation amongst friends.


With pieces like:

“Are you feeling popular? Well you should be! Because you happen to be living in a highly desired location and I have people calling me on speed dial and pounding the pavements wanting to move into your (suburb)!”


“Secrets never stay secrets for long! But as neighbours, I wanted to ensure that you heard it from me first AND before the official launch to market. I love keeping my neighbours/locals in the loop…”


“Housewarming parties are the best! But before the champagne is popped and the dancing starts we’ve got to host the next best thing - an auction!”


“There is a lot of buzz around (insert suburb) and for good reason - its (insert suburb highlight) and its vibrant (insert suburb highlight) are highly sought-after!”


Each pack contains

  • Just listed
  • Auction Invite
  • Under Contract
  • Just Sold
  • Prospecting letter


All letter packs are ‘limited releases’ to ensure that these letters don’t become mass used by agents in the same marketplace.


Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase today!

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