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Your next 90 days to success.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What do your next 90 days look like?

Did you know that with the right approach you can completely transform your business in the next 90 days?

We can make it a career-changing 90 days for you and your business.

How? By:

✔️ Setting goals

✔️ Holding yourself accountable.

✔️ Implement systems and structures to achieve these goals.

✔️ Turn the systems into habits.

Let’s walk through how each of these steps, given time and dedications can change your career in 90 days.

The first thing we need to define is your goals.

There are three types of goals to set in this journey

- the first is more long-term. Think 3-5+ years, the bigger picture

- the second is annual goals

- And the third is setting quarterly goals

Setting these three will help you discover what your big picture ‘best life’ is. Take into account your partner, your family, your lifestyle, financially and in your career. What do you want your best life to be like?

Once set, you have a focus point to work towards in the long term. This helps you generate motivation and determination.

But we are not done yet. Now it’s about breaking down each step into milestones. Small achievable pieces and smaller goals, that put you on the road to your bigger picture goals. These are the ones that we set quarterly and annually.

At the end of this process, you will have figured out what your best life would look like. You now have to break down how you can fund it.

Set goals each quarter and annually for your target GCI (Gross Commission Income), number of sales, number of listings and number of presentations. I would also suggest setting a goal number of auctions and tenders, VPA, print and social media advertising if this is relevant to your market.

If you are not already a member of the BYBL coaching program and don’t have my success Manual with these goal setting templates in it. You can get my cheat sheet which will calculate all your figures for you! Head to

You’ve set your goals, now it’s about holding yourself accountable.

This can be done many ways such as with a coach, accountability partner, tracking your progress or if you are part of my #BuildYourBestLife Coaching Program, your Success Manual has been designed to help you do this!

To keep yourself accountable, you also need to figure out what motivates you. Is it a penalty or a reward? If you are motivated by rewards think a holiday, a day off, a massage or a piece of jewellery. Choose something that you will be motivated to work towards. If you are motivated by penalty or motivated by loss, set a penalty that ignites the fire within you.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘implementation Is key’.

For you to actually complete this supercharging, levelling up of your next career changing 90 days, It is important to choose to implement a few projects into your business.

Those that do not take the time to implement projects will see themselves having the same results, quarter after quarter, year after year.

Pick any project that will help you achieve your goals and get stuck into them. Don’t overwhelm yourself, only implement two or three at the very most at the same time. Achieving the implementation of these projects needs to be do-able within your set time frames, otherwise, you will lose motivation. You also need to ensure your focus is still on listing and selling properties!

Implementing small bite-size pieces consistently adds up and over time makes a massive difference to your business!

You’ve set your goals, your keeping yourself accountable and your implementing, it’s now time to create habits around these goals.

Habits must be specifically structured around doing the dollar productive activities. Those that lead to listings and sales. These tasks should become the foundation, base and platform in your real estate business.

So, are you ready to do the work to #BuildYourBestLife? Every single job no matter what the industry is, it will have elements of love and elements of not so much love.

It’s the exceptional agents that either learns to love the elements that they don’t like or turn them into a foundation task in their real estate businesses. They’ve figured out what motivates them to achieve their end game, their bigger picture, their best life and they know how to use this to drive them towards their goals.

If you’d like to hear more on this topic, I go into greater detail in this week’s episode of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast! You can tune into episode #19 on your favourite podcast channel:

The #BuildYourBestiIfe Coaching Program is now closed for intake until December 2020, if you’d like to join the waitlist head too:

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