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Working those warm calls.

We all know the classifications within the industry between cold calls, warm calls and hot leads.

Your weekly prospecting plan generally has a target on ‘cold call’ connects. You spend time nurturing those ‘hot lead’…

But what work are you doing with your ‘warm calls’?

Quite often in our long list of weekly priorities, working those ‘warm calls’ can be inconsistent or fall by the wayside.

BUT…. They’re not tagged as ‘warm’ for no reason.

Those contacts on your ‘warm’ list, offer you an opportunity to turn them into ‘hot leads’ with the right amount of nurturing.

So how do you work them?

This is the contact list you want to spend time working on building a relationship. You’re purely providing a level of service, without asking for anything in return. Conversation’s with this list are educational and there to add value.

If you do it right, you're providing the right information to your buyers, sellers and pipeline at the right time and before they even knew they needed it.

We carry amazing volumes of useful information that can benefit those that sit on your warm list.

Provide them with information:

- on listings that meet their needs before they hit the market and the sign goes up.

- about the property you have sold. Tell them before the sold sticker goes up. Let the neighbourhood and pipeline sellers once it’s gone under contract.

- the price the property sold for. Release this information on settlement, with the story of the sale. You also now have a database of buyers that are looking for a specific type of property. Let your warm list know what their wants & needs are.

For this to be effective, it is imperative that you have spent the right amount of time with them finding out their needs, wants and desires. This is the only way that you will succeed in nailing the information that you are providing them with. The goal is to help them stay informed.

Once you’ve spent time on building the relationship, it’s a natural next step to ask: ‘do you know anyone who has any real estate needs.’

Lastly, make sure that you are keeping in regular contact with those buyers and sellers who bought and sold with you. These contacts, while sometimes forgotten post transaction are valuable warm contacts.

Build relationships and have an ‘agent for life’ mentality. You are the agent that will always be part of their property journey by helping them with all their needs now and into the future.

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