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Why do you want to be a million-dollar agent? (And it’s not the reason you think!)

What does being a million dollar agent mean to you?

When we hear that phrase, we often default to how much money they have in the bank.

But being a million-dollar agent means much much more to me than that…

Throughout my career as an agent and in coaching clients, hitting the million-dollar level is more about what you want to be able to do in life, what lifestyle you want to live or how you want to provide for your family.

Some agents don’t need to hit the ‘million-dollar’ mark to meet their goals and needs to live their ideal life.

Some agents aim to double or triple it!

To me, it’s about helping agents build successful, sustainable, healthy and profitable careers that enable them to build their dream lifestyles. All the way from being able to send your kids to the right schools and being able to afford to send them to the activities that they want, right through to building a business that enables agents to only work the number of days a week that they want to!

This is why I made the name of my course ‘million-dollar agent’.

To be able to help agents be able to meet their own goals to reach their own definition of what a million-dollar status is.

It means that my course is for:

  • New agents to the industry who just KNOW they can be successful, are looking for the ‘shortcuts’ but don’t know where to start.

  • Agents that are doing well BUT they are tied, burnt out and stretched for time to strategise on how to make more money!

  • Career agents who have been in the game for a while but are looking to level up, embrace new tech, learn how to capitalise on their experience, learn how to become a modern day agent and connect with the 2022 consumer at their level. They know there is a different way of doing things but don’t know how to get there.

  • Whole offices who are looking to fast track their team's success and recruit more talent!

So, what is your definition of being a million dollar agent and how are you going to get there?

Want help? Take the leap and become the million dollar agent (or beyond) you know you deserve to be:

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