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Using Social Media as a Real Estate Prospecting Tool

Did you know that “74% of the decision to use you happens before they meet you.” (Source The Meaningful Agent,

It’s a massive statistic to be aware of.

Your buyers and sellers have researched you prior to meeting you.

My question is then: Are you using all the tools at your disposal to help reach, educate, and inform them so that they are picking up the phone to call you?

Social media is an important tool that SHOULD be incorporated into your business.

In today’s age, a huge demographic of your target buyers and sellers are using some sort of social media and you need to be represented where they are showing up. Social media gives you a platform to communicate on mass to your market.

There are so many layers within your business, where social media can be incorporated as part of your processes.


  • Sales processes

  • Personal Marketing

  • VPA

  • Editorial content

  • Prospecting

One of the most important layers is using social media for prospecting. By building your social media following, with a relevant, engaged audience will help you create an attraction business, increase your revenue and bring in leads, referrals, sales and listings.

How? By communicating to your audience and delivering your information to the masses.

Your social media should strictly not just be ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ posts. The information needs to educate, inspire and create community engagement. Social media is a form of entertainment, so you need to be providing them with valuable information to keep them there.

You can start by splitting your content up under the 40/40/20 rule.

This is 40% Education / 40% Aspiration / 20% Community Engagement.

And there is so much content that we have access to every day in our jobs that fall under these three pillars.

Think: Live property tours, OFIs, Sold photos with a sold sign – You, + buyer, + seller, Professional photos where the property has just been launched , Quotes that resonate with you, Archi porn and Inspirational properties, Company reposts - videos, quotes, awards etc Check in to locations e.g. making call backs at a local café, Posting your newsletter, Posting articles, Posting about your continual education, Local area info - schools activities, sporting groups, road changes etc, Legislative changes, Market updates, Testimonials, Pre release properties Community engagement i.e. local attractions, development, what’s on, your life in the community and the list is just starting!

So, go back and review your social media accounts. Delete any that aren’t being used (these are not a good look for the 74% of people that have searched you online!) and start putting together your new content plan!

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