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Unearth Your Unique Advantage in the Real Estate Market

Consider this: in the realm of real estate, the listing presentation stands as our pinnacle event, our very own real estate Olympics.

So, are you training yourself at the level you need to bring home a gold medal?

The listing presentation is a fiercely competitive space, pitting us against other seasoned agents in the marketplace.

While we invest time in prospecting through open homes, door knocking, cold calling, letterbox dropping, and networking… have we truly devoted ourselves to refining and perfecting our listing presentation?

This isn't a meeting where you can simply "wing it"; it's the battleground where the most skilled agent emerges victorious.

Treat it like your Olympic event. Prepare mentally, practice rigorously, and ensure your tools are finely tuned.

You should be tailoring a distinct sales strategy for each presentation, considering the unique features of each property and the individual motivations of the owners?

Have you pondered the optimal time to bring a property to market and the duration of the campaign? Timing is crucial. Are you well-versed in every comparable property, local street nuances, and recent sales to craft a compelling narrative?

Have you found your edge? The ‘thing’ that sets you apart from the competition? What makes you different from everyone else (hint: it’s not about the agency that you work for and what they offer, it’s what you have as an individual).

If you’ve figured out what your edge is, how good are you at communicating it? Have you worked out a concise elevator pitch that sells your services effectively? Your listing kit should be meticulously prepared, showcasing examples of your successes and past campaign strategies.

In a marketplace where not every agent approaches their listing presentations with Olympic fervour, finding your edge here can propel you to new heights of success.

And I can help you do just this. If you haven’t secured your spot for my exclusive FREE webinar series, 'WORKSHOPS. with Sherrie', you should!

On day 3 of the series, I’ll be talking all about how to ‘Find Your Edge.’

You’ll walk away at the end of the webinar with a killer listing presentation!

I want to help you find the edge in your marketplace by: ⚡️Mastering the pre-listing process & setting yourself apart from the pack. ⚡️Perfecting your elevator pitch. ⚡️Crafting the ultimate listing presentation kit. ⚡️Structuring your listing presentation to sign every time.

Join me for Day 3 on the 6th of December at 11am AEST.

Register for the free series here:

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