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The small daily steps...

There is a lot going on in our world today.

The real estate industry can be a reactive industry and very quickly we can find ourselves operating in a state of chaos.

For the most part, there will always be a lot going on in our lives.

But it doesn’t mean that we need to remain operating in chaos.

How do we get out of chaos? By setting goals and breaking them down into small daily steps.

I constantly see people in our industry with huge achievable goals but with no plan or structure in place to achieve them. Running the hamster wheel trying to get somewhere with no track.

Setting a plan in place to achieve your goals is a super important one. And it’s a topic I’m going to touch on today.

I’m going to walk you through, the step by step play of setting a goal and working backwards to break it down into small achievable steps.

Step 1. Dream your dreams. Write down how you want to live your life - The lifestyle you want to live, the hours you want to work, relationships you want to have. Health, wellness, travel. This is your chance where you want to go big.

Step 2. When you have outlined your big-picture life, it will give you an idea of what income you need to earn. This is where you set your targeted GCI for 2020.

Step 3. Divide your GCI target by your average commission price. This will give you the number of sales you need to achieve to hit your goal. Put your target sales number here.

Step 4. In order to achieve the number of sales to meet your GCI goal, you need to look at your listing to sales ratio. Using this ratio, calculate how many properties you need to list to hit your sales target.

Step 5. Use your conversion rate from listing presentation to listings and calculation how many listing presentations you need to do to hit your listings target.

Something BIG is coming...

Stay tuned to my social media channels this Sunday to find out what I will be releasing!

A little hint, it will help you revolutionise your career, help you set your goals, break down the steps and keep you accountable. Helping your #BuildYourBestLife!

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