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The Real Estate Agent’s Prospecting Mindset for Success.

It is nearly impossible to capture a deal that you didn’t first create.

Which is exactly why prospecting for a real estate agent is a critical element of your business and one that you should be allocating a significant portion of your time too.

One of the things that separates a successful real estate agent from those who struggle is their dedication and willingness to prospect.

Prospecting can be tough!

With it comes a lot of rejection and that can after a while wear heavy. BUT every ‘no’ is not a personal rejection. They are just not on the same page at that time, the offer you are presenting isn’t aligned with their current needs or your communication might be off, and they are not understanding how they will benefit from your insights, advice, and solutions.

The good news is all of this is learned behaviour. With the right guidance, you can finesse your prospecting skills, practise them and overtime you will find that not only have you improved your ability, but you’ve also unlocked your rockstar prospecting mindset!

Prospecting in today’s modern-day world, looks very different to how we did it in past. Whilst door knocking and prospecting calls are still a valuable tool in our kit, it’s also important to think about where your market is showing up day to day.

It’s about thinking outside of the box:

- allocating part of your social media content to prospect. (Important thing here is some. Before you prospect you need to provide value!)

- At any extracurricular activity you participate in – at your gym, yoga class or team sports.

- In your community – at your local school, community boards or events.

- In your day-to-day life – I’ve in the past personally listed properties from my nail salon!!!

HOW we go about prospecting is also key. It’s not a numbers game. It’s not about burning and churning through your database until you find someone willing to list or buy. It’s not just an activity of going through the motions.

It’s about engaging with the people you are having conversations with, building heart to hear connections and establishing your reputation with them as a trusted and valuable source for all their real estate needs.

You need to approach it with the attitude of being their agent for life! Our audience is much smarter and savvier today. They are looking for the agents that can provide them with value and can pick those just looking for their next sale from a mile off!

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