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The ‘Real Estate Agent for Life’ Mindset

Prospecting is a HUGE part of our real estate businesses.

It’s the income driver, it’s how we get leads, make sales, and earn our commissions.

It’s super important to implement processes and strategies in your business around prospecting to ensure that you are not always hustling and grinding away in prospecting mode.

To do this you need to get your mindset right and view every interaction with your buyers and sellers as an opportunity to build an ‘Agent for Life’ relationship.

The best real estate agents in the business implement strategies to keep their buyers and sellers for life. This means they come to you for all their future real estate needs, future sales and investments.

This group of high-value clients are all in. They truly appreciate your skills, value the approach that you take, listen and onboard your advice and they love working with you.

They love working with you so much that they become great referrers, passing your details onto others.

Eventually, you will reach a point that there is rarely a need to convince people to list with you, they already have heard how great an experience other trusted sources have had with you that they are already ready to work with you in some capacity.

They want to do business with you because they KNOW that there is so much more to you than the dollar signs… You really care about them, their needs and wants and their futures.

The ‘Real Estate Agent for Life’ Mindset is a switch where your focus is on building meaningful connections with your buyers and sellers. It requires you as an agent to embrace a buyer/seller first mindset over any short-term gains.

Don’t get me wrong… building these types of relationships does take time and work. But if you are able to focus on them, be your authentic self, be intentional about their needs, focus on creating your community you will start to see the fruits of your labour in building your own base of buyers and sellers that view you as their ‘Agent for life’!

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