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The Modern-Day Agent’s Guide to Prospecting.

It’s 2022 and it’s time to start prospecting like a modern-day agent.

The industry had moved rapidly over the past two years and our buyers are sellers are learning and searching for property in different ways.

So, how does a modern-day agent prospect?

A modern-day agent prospects in places where their client base exists.

In 2022 there are more ways to prospect than cold calling or door knocking…

While there is still a time and a place for both options (and great a way to build your database when you are starting out!) there are so many other places to find, meet and be referred to potential business.


  • Through your social media profiles. Building and establishing an online profile that educates, informs and entertains your target market can be a driving force and generate leads for your business.

  • Through local networking events. These can be local community or council events. Join event organisation boards in your marketplace or business bureaus.

  • Thought business networking events. Events that like-minded small to medium size business owners attend to grow and improve. Think events like those held by Business Chicks, BNI or even joining a private members club like Soho House.

  • Through your hobbies – Are you a member of a local sporting team or are you kids? These are perfect places to build relationships and source business from.

  • By sponsoring events – are there any local events or sporting clubs that you can become a sponsor of?

  • And my favourite one – In. Real. Life. There are so many opportunities in our day to day lives. I’ve even listed a property from meeting a vendor at a nail appointment before!

A modern-day agent approaches prospecting in a different manner too.

It’s not a burn and churn approach. It’s about building relationships, informing and educating any potential buyers and sellers. Becoming a TRUSTED agent in their eyes and giving them the confidence that you have their best interests at heart.

So where is the most unusual place that you have acquired a listing from before?

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