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The key MASTERMIND insights that packed a punch.

Over the past three years of MASTERMIND. with Sherrie, I've been privileged to host remarkable changemakers, innovators, and inspirational figures. They've generously shared their insights and success secrets with attendees, igniting huge transformative shifts in the lives and businesses of those who attended.

From awe-inspiring superhuman sporting stars to trailblazing business minds our events have been graced by diverse perspectives and imparting invaluable lessons.

Each speaker has left an unforgettable mark on the MASTERMIND participants, here are some of their words of wisdom that really struck a chord with me, and I'm eager to pass them on to you!

‘Build the plane while flying.’ – Lorna Jane Clarkson

‘Do good, feel good, perform good’. - Dr Phil Jauncey

‘Get better coaches to get better players.’ – Nathan Sharpe

‘Success is boring but not a coincidence.’ – Nathan Sharpe

‘It’s okay to have bad days. How you recover from them is what matters.’ – Nathan Sharpe

‘Becoming wealthy is like playing Monopoly. The person who can accumulate the most assets wins the game.’ - Noel Whittaker

‘Life is full of uncertainties. Future investment earnings and interest and inflation rates are not known to anybody. However, I can guarantee you one thing. Those who put an investment program in place will have a lot more money when they come to retire than those who never get around to it.’ - Noel Whittaker

‘The details matter. The extra effort matters.’ - Li Cunxin

‘The harder I work the luckier I get’. - Li Cunxin

‘Live an incredible life with incredible initiative.’ - Li Cunxin

‘You don’t have the motivation to get better if you think you are already the best.’ - Jonathan Thurston

‘Preparation is the key to my success’. - Jonathan Thurston

‘The moments are what I live for’. - Jonathan Thurston

‘Marketing is the art of telling a story so compelling that people choose you and your services’. - Phillip Di Bella

‘Own the voice. Buy the voice. Earn the voice.’ - Phillip Di Bella

‘By exceeding the expectations, you earn the voice.’ - Phillip Di Bella

‘The entrepreneur superpower is seeing opportunity’. - Deb Farnworth-Wood

‘It’s not about the money; it’s about your self-worth and the experiences on your journey’. - Deb Farnworth-Wood

‘Every great leader is infectiously optimistic’. - Victor Perton

‘What’s keeping you positive about your business?’ - Victor Perton

‘You don’t know what resilience you have in you, until you’ve been tested.’ - Deborah Thomas

‘Never let a good crisis go by – in terms of learning and adapting.’ - Deborah Thomas

‘Do it better or do it different’. - Maz Farrelly

‘It’s not what you know… it’s who knows you’. - Maz Farrelly

‘Choose to be around greatness’. - Bob Ansett

‘Employees are the most important element; the customers are second and suppliers are the third.’ - Bob Ansett

‘Disappointment and adversity can be a catalyst for greatness’. - Cathy Freeman

Want to hear nuggets of wisdom directly from the source? The 2024 ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie’ program is now live!

If you want to revolutionise your life and business MASTERMIND is where you should be in 2024. Find out more here:

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