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The evolution of you.

One of the things that I’ve implemented religiously into my business practice has been to take time out and review the past. It’s not only helpful to use to set or adjust your planning and goals but it also gives you time to reflect on your achievements, things we often overlook or move past quickly. Every year since I’ve launched my coaching business has been a huge learning experience, here are some things I’ve discovered so far in 2021. Big projects take time. After working in the real estate industry for over 20 years (Did I just carbon date myself there?!) I fell into operating in a reactive business pattern.

Get an idea – It needed to be implemented yesterday. Real estate is a reactive industry. BUT there are a lot of tasks, campaigns and ideas that need dedicated time to develop. They need to be given the appropriate amount of time to be built so they can be successful.

I’ve learnt over the past few years to plan out and allocated dedicated time to building and developing my projects AND not rushing things to get them “implemented yesterday”. Case in example, my upcoming online sales school. This has been in development and will be launching later this year! Exciting! The delicate balance between work + life. You all know by now that I’m a HUGE advocate for building a business that supports your life AND that allows you to take the time out you need. I talk a lot about taking time out to recuperate and restore yourself but I’m still trying to get this right! They say, ‘Old habits, die hard’ and working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week was a habit I developed as a real estate agent. Over the past few years, I’ve worked hard to recognise my patterns and act when I start to burn out. Each new year brings business and personal growth. Who I was when I was working in real estate compared to who I am today are two VERY different people. Every growth season you go through in your business and your personal life will need a new version of you. If you have big dreams, growth and change can be uncomfortable. You will have to let go of what your old life was like and embrace your new one so that you can move towards your dreams. With how fast the world is moving there are always opportunities for growth. Embrace new technology when it comes along, it may take time to learn new tech but the efficiency and added performance it provides when you get used to it is invaluable. Reassess how you’re currently doing things and embrace new ways of operating. Just because "you’ve always done it that way" doesn’t mean that it’s the most effective. Always be looking for ways to improve and refine your operations. So, for this EOFY review, do a check-in with yourself. Who were you last year and who are you today and whom do you want to be in 2022?

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