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Setting the standard on how you present your listings.

When preparing listings for sale, you need to have some non-negotiables in place to be able to set a standard for your property marketing and to position your listings with the greatest advantage to sell quickly and for a premium price.

One of my non-negotiables is getting a property I have listed professionally styled.

You may receive some resistance from vendors when discussing this, but never be afraid to push back to sellers and stick to your standards of marketing.

Property styling showcases a homes unique attributes and helps buyers see the property in the best possible light. It is our goal for a buyer to walk through the front door and immediately envisage themselves living there. We are creating an emotional connection. When a property is styled, this is easier to imagine!

Property styling is a worthwhile investment. Not only are you paying for the stylist’s experience and time but also for any furniture, art and even plants that fill the home.

Professionally styled homes not only allow you to conduct impressive open homes but will on flow to your property photography and your print collateral.

Property styling can be scaled depending not only on the style of the home but also the owner’s budgets. Basic packages cover standard furniture and some styling pieces, such as framed prints and home accents. A premium package can even go as far as hiring art pieces and antiques from galleries!

In a market, like we are experiencing today, you need to double down with your marketing campaigns. Having your property listings styled when others are going backwards in their marketing is just another way to set yourself and your client’s property apart from the pack.

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