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Setting Goals Like a Real Estate ROCKSTAR

Elevating your business is a game-changer. It opens doors to wealth and freedom, allowing you to shape your ideal life.

Establishing a grand vision is the cornerstone of effective goal setting. This vision not only fuels your efforts but also keeps you laser-focused.

Without a clear life direction, it's challenging to identify the elements that inspire and drive commitment towards your goals.

Crafting your vision involves three crucial aspects:

  1. How you want to feel: Envision the emotions you desire daily - calm, organized, proactive, and successful.

  2. What you want to do: Define the ideal structure for your business and determine your desired workload.

  3. What you want to have: Consider material possessions and experiences that contribute to your desired lifestyle.

Once you've clarified these aspects, follow these four stages to solidify your vision:

  1. Jot down all ideas: No censorship! Pour out all your thoughts to make room for every possibility.

  2. Organise your thoughts: Categorise your ideas under key areas such as work, friends, love, fun & rewards, financial, and health.

  3. Visualise your vision: Create a vision board, set it as your iPhone background, or make a PowerPoint-choose a format that resonates with you. Keep it in a place where you're consistently reminded of your aspirations.

  4. Daily reflection: Visit your vision daily. This routine ensures you stay hyper-focused on your objectives and reinforces your commitment to achieving them.

If you are ready to step up your game and do things differently in 2024 or are a Selling Principal, a Lead Agent with an EBU or CEO, then join me in my new FREE webinar, REAL ESTATE ROCKSTAR and learn how working with a business coach or mentor can take your business into the stratosphere AND what programs are available for you to participate in!

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