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Running on (stock) empty.

We’re starting to get settled into 2021.

If you’ve taken a break, you might be coming back from holidays.

If you’ve come back to the office with no or little stock or maybe you worked all the way through the festive season and the stock has dried up in you marketplace…

What do you do?

First things first, prep yourself. This is GO time and you will be working hard over the next 30 days to build that stock list up to where it should be!

It’s time to start mining your database and reconnecting with any client you have come across.

Review your past buyers and sellers and reconnect with them.

Is anyone you’ve worked within the past still on the search for their home?

Are any of your past sellers ready to move on again?

Are any of your investors ready to buy again or sell?

Or even do they have any friends or family looking to buy or sell that they could refer you too?

It’s now time to pull out your old OFI lists and contact any people listed. You may find buyers that are still looking or sellers that are now ready to list their homes for sales.

Go back through all your past appraisals over the last 12 months. Contact all the clients that didn’t list their homes at the time. Their circumstances could be very different now!

If you haven’t worked your most recent sales think about how you can leverage the results and market them to your community! If you still have listings on the market or a few that have come on board as soon as you got, you need to leverage these listings to the max too.

Leveraging your listings and sales is one of the most important strategies you should have in your tool belt. If you’d like help in doing this, download my FREE 51-point Listing to Sold Checklist! It will deliver more buyers, build your pipeline of sellers and build your profile and build a tribe in your marketplace. You can find it here:

If you want to get traction fast, gain more listings and sell more properties, check out my ‘On the market Blueprints’. These Blueprints will help you ethically target properties that are currently on the market. It is a system for you to work consistently and trust the process! You can find the full range of Blueprints here:

Make sure that you revisit every resource you have at your fingertips and I promise you, work hard and your stocklist will be full in no time!

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