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Raising the Bar – Real Estate Industry Collaboration

It was my pleasure last week to MC the very first 'ONE Conference'.

The event is a collaboration between three like-minded multi-business owners that have come together from competitive brands to create something unique for their teams to help them set up 2023 to be their most transformative and record-breaking year yet.

Together, these three leaders are raising the bar in the industry:

  • Avi Khan – Principal of Ray White Marsden, Daisy Hill, AKG, Brookwater & Greater Springfield, AKG Commercial, Loan Market Franchisee, SellBuyLegal Conveyancing and Tactical.

  • Peter Catanzariti – Principal of Ray White Upper Coomera, Pimpama, Coomera and Jacobs Well.

  • Hayley Van De Ven – Principal of RE/MAX Results Morningside & Mackay and RE/MAX Bayside Cleveland & Alex Hills.

All three leaders pulled together an event based around mutual visions, providing their staff a day of learning from relatable peers in their industry, real people with real stories.

As the MC, I had a front row seat to all the speakers and here are my top takeaways.

Vivien Yap – Principal, Ray White Dalkeith

Vivien is consistently recognised as one of Australia’s most talented real estate agents.

She has successfully found her edge and amplifies it into her market enabling her to stand out from the crowd.

She uses this point of differentiation to help build her celebrity profile by integrating it into all facets of her marketing – Her billboards, DL’s, print ads etc.

She is an advocate of setting yearly goals and reviewing them consistently and stays ahead of the rest of the industry but finding the opportunities before everyone else and being the first to do it.

She knows that all it takes is one property and she turns her listings into future business, one listing even generating five additional deal!

Sarah Hackett - Managing Director & Principal of Place New Farm

Sarah Hackett is Brisbane’s luxury riverfront expert and has established herself over her 25-year career in real estate.

She shared with those in attendance the key items to get right that can skyrocket your business, such as determining the 2-3 tasks that you do daily that you can perfect. These should be dollar productive tasks that move you towards your end goal.

Sarah is an advocate for working your listings. Using the information from the process of the sale to generate further business. In addition, changing the way you view your OFI’s and seeing them as an opportunity to get future listings from your current ones.

Lastly, work your phone. Pick up and make phone calls as they will deliver you a faster result than other communication channels.

Alex Jordan – McGrath Paddington QLD

In Alex’s 22+ years in the real estate market, he's honed his skillset through his career. Like most of us he found himself struggling while he established himself but soon realised the solution to his problem was to build out and implement processes and procedures into his business.

He realised that to move his business forward he needed to establish some habits and create consistency in his business. He very quickly became committed to this habit and keeping consistency is non-negotiable in his business.

One of the contribution factors to Alex building an attraction business is his commitment to providing advice in selflessness, meaning don’t view it transactionally expecting something back immediately. Building relationships is the key here!

There were so many amazing takeaways from all the speakers throughout the day.

A HUGE congratulations to the team for putting on such an exceptional event! I can’t wait until next year!

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