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Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is an INTEGRAL part of the listing process when you are out in the market and competing for new listings.

It’s a way for you to communicate how you can deliver a better level of service over and above your competitors.

If you are looking to level up and upgrade your business, putting together and perfecting your elevator pitch will see massive shifts in your revenue + GCI.

So how do you create the perfect elevator pitch?

Your elevator pitch is about how you can differentiate yourself from the sea of sameness of other agents and ensure that the seller’s decision is NOT made on price, commission or marketing fees.

The elevator pitch should contain 2 components:

  • An overview on you (and your EBU if you have one) and your services

  • An overview of the Agency you work for.

So, what do you need to include?

Vendors are looking for agents who:

  • Love their job

  • Are going to make this stressful change in their life seamless, easy and stress-free

  • Are experts/have quality databases/ transactional experience

  • Are hungry and keen

  • Want to get the best possible price

Including all of these points in your elevator pitch will help you write one that drives results for you!

It’s often a great idea to have two versions that you can use depending on the situation.

A shorter version to get them excited about working with you and a longer version used to cement the business.

And make sure that you are practicing your pitch like CRAZY!

Roleplay it with a colleague, video it and watch yourself back. Use this feedback to adjust and perfect what you are going to say and how you deliver it.

Now that you understand how important an elevator pitch is, what are you going to add to yours?

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