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My Personal Mission

When I opened the doors for ‘Million Dollar Agent’ it was the culmination of a dream that I’ve had on my vision board for a VERY long time. It’s a very exciting time as it all forms part of my personal mission.

To really share with you what that is, I must take you back a few years…

When I was in my 20’s, I achieved some pretty amazing things. I built a big real estate business and was the CEO of my own chain of agencies.

Then the GFC hit, and I lost it all (and more).

After spending some time recovering, I knew that to make my situation change I had to act. I got back on the tools, rebuilt my name, my brand, and my profile. I was so determined to succeed and pick myself back up. I did it in a tough and highly competitive marketplace.

I won’t sugarcoat it. I worked HARD. I worked all day and night and seven days a week. I wore it like a badge of honour. But I was SO miserable.

What I thought I wanted and how I was taught together to get it by HUSTLING ALL THE TIME made me lose my joy in selling real estate and helping people on their property journeys.

I had listened to the wrong advice on how it SHOULD be done. I believed that it was the ONLY way to succeed. Advice that I now know was broken and outdated.

I always felt like I was playing a character back then. A part in a film of what a stereotypical agent should be like. The strategies I was using never felt quite right. They focused on burn and churn and a transactional, ‘next’ approach. This forced me to hustle and grind.

After many mistakes and a few wake-up calls… I realised that I didn’t have to hustle and grind if I set things up from the start.

Thus began my ‘trial and error’ phase. I started working out not how to work harder but to work ‘right’. I used this time to develop and refine My OWN unique systems and blueprints. Which lead to a superabundant and successful career.

And this is where I learnt my BIGGEST lesson. I discovered that the process was replicable, and this is where I stepped wholeheartedly into my personal mission.

I realised while I enjoyed the success of my real estate career, I loved, LOVED helping people achieve their own version of what being a million dollar agent is to them.

You see, being a million-dollar agent to me isn’t about the dollar figure in the bank account. An agent can be a million-dollar agent in their own eyes if they earn $100,000 a year but are meeting all their needs and living their dream lifestyle. The million dollar part, it’s just about building the career and lifestyle of YOUR dreams.

And that’s brought me to where I am today. After several years of 1:1 mentoring and group coaching where 90% of my coaching clients have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their income, revenue, and commission.

I knew that my system worked. It meant that it was time to start bringing it to the masses and giving EVERYONE the opportunity to be able to become their own version of being a million dollar agent. No matter if your green to the industry, a veteran looking for change, want to take things to the next level, run an agency and want to help your teams, live by the beach, in the mountain, in suburb or even rural. I wanted to be able to reach as many people as I could to help them achieve their dreams.

And now… because you’ve read all the way to the bottom, I’ve got a secret for you…. Shhhh.

You can still be one too…

After closing the doors yesterday, I had several people reach out to me who were still on holiday and missed out because they were sipping on cocktails and enjoying life!

They realised that they wanted to build a business that provided them with the opportunities to holiday as much as they like, where they like!

So, I’ve opened the doors to my database (and you!) ONLY for another 24 hours. If you missed out, today’s your lucky day. Click here FAST to sign up!

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