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My Most Soulful Real Estate Experience

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Bluetacked to my office wall is one of the original planning documents I mind mapped when I first started conceptualising my business, Real Estate Nation.

Over the years, I’ve progressively ticked off my ideas. From national events, online webinar series, coaching programs, my online school and the Build Your Best Life podcast.

And out of all of those ideas there is one that has stood out as the most soulful…

It’s my ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie’ program and I’m going to share with you why.

When I first envisioned MASTERMIND, I wanted to provide the real estate industry with an alternative program to what was currently available.

I wanted to create a high-level, exclusive coaching and mentoring group for high performing agents, CEO’s and business owners and give them access to innovators, leaders and changemakers that had created businesses or achieved feats that most people never would attempt to. I wanted to offer them new perspectives to be able to implement in their own businesses to take them to the next level.

After having just completed the final session in my second season, it’s difficult to put into words how much of an impact this program has on me personally.

Not only does the program set out to help others in the industry, but it has also had such a personal impact on every aspect of my being. Including in the way I run my business, the vision of where I want to take it as well as personally within my life.

This season we learnt how to build our best lives from Li Cunxin, the Director of Queensland Ballet & Author of Mao’s Last Dancer Lee, heard how to be an incredible leader and maintain excellence while working in a team from rugby league legend, Johnathan Thurston, heard how Coffee King, Phillip Di Bella has succeeded as an entrepreneurship and helps others do the same, learnt how to build an empire (or multiple!) from the owner of Issada Cosmetics and Founder of Australian Skin Clinics, Deb Farnworth-Wood, were educated on how to best manage conflict within our businesses and in the marketplace from the Founder/Director of On Track Investigations and heard how to recruit and retain our best teams from the Founder of RedBalloon and Shark Tanker, Naomi Simson.

These innovators and inspirational people from this years’ Mastermind gave all of us a fresh perspective on the way we do things, helped us improve our knowledge and stretched our abilities and skillsets in ways we never have before.

Whilst we have some INCREDIBLE achievers within our own industry, I want to help those that attend MASTERMIND, stretch their thinking and make their ideas bigger than they have before.

Season one of ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie’ far exceeded my expectations and season two, yet again blew them out of the water!

If you’ve been watching the past two seasons with FOMO, ‘MASTERMIND. with Sherrie 2023’ has already been launched to the market and next year I've gone even BIGGER with some incredible ICONS of their industry and professions.

You can find out more and submit your application here:

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