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Making your social media stress free & building a content bank.

Building a social media profile that provides you with a consistent ROI takes time and energy. A scattergun approach where you’re trying to figure out what to post each day with no direction is not only stressful but is also not purposeful.

In our busy lives, it can feel like we don’t have time to allocate BUT by not scheduling in time you’re working harder not smarter.

So how do you bring efficiency, direction and results to your social media?

One of the most useful tools I have in my arsenal is the photography content bank that I’ve built over the years in my career.

Roughly twice a quarter, I work with my favourite photographer to build a collection of images to use across my social media channels.

If you’ve been using and tracking your social media channels for a while, you will probably notice that the images with the greatest success are those that have you in them!

In our roles as agents, we build relationships with people. They want to see you represented on your social media pages among the property images!

Spending time each quarter helps you works smarter, not harder ESPECIALLY when you have enough on your plate already. Once you start using one, you’ll realise how efficient it is and how much stress and time you will save by building one!

Building a content bank doesn’t come without some preparation.

You will need to spend time thinking about what images you will need for your channels (think: you in your daily life as an agent), what stories you want to share, what information you want to provide your audience with.

Start saving images that you see that you like for inspiration and build a mood board of shots so that you have ideas to use on the shoot.

Turn up on the day prepared. Bring your props, a few changes of clothes and your brief with your ideas.

Allocating the time to gather a portfolio of social media images at once may sound like a headache, but I swear to you, the amount of time and effort you’ll save in the end is priceless.

Preparing ahead, building a content bank and generating information posts for your social media will not only add value to you and your business but ALSO to the audience you’re providing this valuable information to.

If you are still unsure about what to do at a photoshoot or are nervous about getting the right images on the day, you can join me on one of my ‘PHOTOSHOOTS. With Sherrie’ Sessions!

You are provided with an allocated shoot time, across two separate locations, with two of my favourite photographers and me creatively directing your shoot! You’ll also walk away with a content bank of images to use in your marketing and on your social media!

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