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Making the most of agent’s day off this Christmas.

The Christmas and New Year’s break is finally here!

2019 has been a big one and now after a full-on year, you finally have a gap in your schedule to take time off to recharge.

This festive season is a great time to not only spend time with family and friends - There’s nothing better than coming together, laughing, creating memories and enjoying good conversation.

But it’s also time to tap out and take a day (or more) off to recharge. Taking time out is self-care. It’s also a way to optimise yourself to ensure you are in your real estate career for a long-time vs suffering burn out. Your time out should not just relax you in that moment, it should restore your energy for when you get back to work.

Sometimes taking a day off, we often push ourselves to finish ‘life admin’ an ‘agent’s day off’ shouldn’t be solely dedicated to these tasks – leaving you just as exhausted as a regular workday.

So, how should we approach our time off this break? Here are a few things to try…

First – knock your errands off right away. Nothing is more stressful than if you leave tasks that you want to complete until the last minute. It can feel like it negated all the relaxation work you did! Although your time off is the perfect time to catch up on these errands, make sure that they don’t take over your whole day.

Take time to tune into one thing at a time. We in the real estate industry are constantly juggling tasks – marketing, new listings, contracts, prospecting. It’s never-ending. Focusing on a single task allows you to tune back into yourself. Read a book, garden or even meditate.

Have a Slow Day. When your running at a 1000km an hour most days try having a day where you take your time and aim to be as slow as possible. Wake up early and spend an hour cooking breakfast, two hours reading and walk everywhere instead of driving. It can be refreshing to aim for the opposite of a typically busy lifestyle.

Get outside. A day off can very easily get lost in binge-watching a series on Netflix. If you spend most of your day inside or sitting in front of a computer screen. There is nothing restorative about that. exercise boosts your happy endorphins and can have a positive effect on your stress levels for the next few days. Think about how you felt the last time you were out in nature!

Connect. Sometimes because of work commitments, we can neglect our relationships because we are so busy. Use the time to reconnect, not only with friends but family.

This festive season, make sure that you have a change of pace and truly give yourself an opportunity to relax. Set yourself up to start 2020 refreshed and ready to take on the year and #BuildYourBestLife.

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