Making changes and maintaining your momentum.

There have been a lot of changes this year thanks to COVID. We are reassessing our values and lives. I have been hearing and seeing a lot of changes in the industry. The beginning of a new financial year can also motivate us to make changes in our career directions and real estate businesses. But this year, I have been noticing it more. Whether it be undertaking a complete restructure of how you operate your business, it could be adding or removing people from your team or you could be considering moving to another agency or starting your own!

Let’s talk about the big move. If you’ve been considering changing agencies, this is a massive decision. Done the right way it can make a huge difference to your profile, your income and it can help you regain the joy in your career, gain business and momentum. But handled incorrectly, it can cause a loss of business, loss of income, a loss of sales and loss of rentals, and damage to your personal brand and reputation.

A number of my high performing agents have made the decision to move agencies or start their own. It is a personal choice and their choice alone. However, I do work with my agents and principals to workshop the pros and cons, be a sounding board and play devil’s advocate providing an objective point of view. Something that can often be hard to find in