Structuring and growing a successful EBU.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Building a well-structured EBU can not only help you grow your Gross Commission Income or GCI, revenue and profile but once set up can also help you recruit the right salespeople to feed and grow your agency!

If the vision for your business is for expansion building an Effective Business Unit or EBU is the perfect starting point. In my coaching business, helping my clients build, restructure and grow their EBU’s and agencies is one of my most sought after skills sets.

In the latest episode of the Build Your Best Life Podcast, I spoke to one of my coaching clients, Selling Principal, Craig Lea from McGrath Wilston. Craig was one of my original coaching clients from when I transitioned full time into coaching two years ago. We spoke all about what we implemented into his business and where it has gotten him to today.