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How you can become THE agent of choice.

You’ve worked in your marketplace for a while now and worked hard to establish your name and reputation. But how do you take it to the next level?

How do you become THE agent of choice in your marketplace?

And how can you compete, especially if you are working in a highly competitive market or one that is tightly help by career agents?

There are three main components of how you can execute this in your marketplace. They all work cohesively together and once implemented, set you up to be THE choice!

Let’s break it down:

1. Build a Celebrity Profile.

What do I mean by this? This is building your business profile up in your market, so you become so well known that your business becomes an attraction business. Instead of being out there prospecting full time, buyers and seller start coming to YOU.

You can succeed in this by dominating your market both physically and digitally:

  • Take over the market with impactful signboards. Make sure that they are suitable for the area and appropriate. Think about the presentation of the signboard and what impression it gives people about YOU.

  • Have a strategy for the letterbox. Make sure that you are sending out 5 high-quality letters with valuable information PER property you list.

  • Have an annual DL campaign. Drop them around topics that are seasonal, locally orientated, based on historical or market information or even about your results and profile.

  • How is your profile digitally? Have you googled yourself lately? Conduct a complete audit of what comes up and fix any items that you need too.

  • Make sure your profiles on the portals are up-to-date with all the latest information and that if you have social media accounts that they are being kept current.

2. Rockstar marketing and exceptional service.

Component 2 is all about creating Rockstar level marketing designed to attract buyers in. Once you have their attention, it’s following through with exceptional open homes, private inspections or showings to them.

Think about how you differentiate yourself in your marketing and amongst your competitors. What do you do differently compared to everyone else? Look at doing social media campaigns, off-market campaigns, how you do your newsletter or manage your database. Is everyone in your market doing twilight photography, what could you do differently? Are you styling the property? Can you add in a virtual element where people can add in their own furniture or change the house cosmetically via an app? Could you have built a lead capture page for each individual property, do a media release for each one or host a VIP launch party? Or it could be looking at print advertising. Are you doing it? Or can you go bigger?

At the open home, how are you creating an experience? Are showing the home in it’s best possible light? Not just in terms of presentation, but the best time of the day and even considering flight paths if the property is impacted by them.

For each open home and inspection, I have my own signature scent. It doesn’t matter what property someone walks into of mine, they always smell a particular way. Something small but I think is really beautiful.

3. When you sell the property, ensure that you have exceptional outcomes and over service your buyers and sellers.

Last up and I wish I didn’t have to say it, but I do.

We need to do the basics first and foremost. We need to follow people up, we need to overcome objections, we need to ask for the sale. Create a win-win for each party involved with the property.

THEN, we go above and beyond and over service them.

Make written recommendations for auxiliary services – Building and Pest Inspectors, removalists, gardeners.

Contact and help your buyers and sellers with all their needs throughout the process, don’t just disappear after contract signing.

How about settlement? How do you make them feel special? Is it a door bow on the property? Do you give them a personalised gift do you just hand them a bottle of alcohol? Do you make their first night special? Do you have a welcome home pack? or dinner delivered? Are you throw them a mini party? What is it that you are doing to make them feel really special? Settlement is our last chance for us to make them see you as their agent for life.

Settlement is not where it ends. You’ve become the agent for life for your buyers and sellers, make sure that you follow up with the neighbourhood. Call them and update them with the outcome of the sale. This is now the time to ask them if they know of anyone in the area who is looking to buy or sell.

If you’d like to find out more detailed information on each of the points above, you can listen in to Episode 5 of the ‘Build Your Best Life’ Podcast on How to become THE agent of choice in your marketplace’.

Listen in on your preferred platform of choice below:

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