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How to hit the reset button.

Understandably, the first have of 2020 has left a lot of us feeling overwhelmed and like we’ve had enough. But before you pack up your real estate career and leave the industry there is a way to hit the reset button so you can remain doing the work you love.

So, what do you need to do to hit the reset button? I walk through some of the steps I take with my clients below that will help you get back on track.

First things first. If you’ve been running at 100 miles an hour. Stop. It’s highly likely that you may be burnt out or at risk of burning out. The only way to recover from this and to give yourself clarity on the direction you want to take your career is to take some time off. You may not be able to take weeks or even a full week, but schedule in at least 2 – 3 days where you can completely switch off your phone and emails, detached and rest.

Now it’s time to take a step back and look at your business and life and figure out what you want. Are you feeling like a fraud and you want to change your business approach and be more heart-based? Do you want to own your own agency or become a Director, or do you just really love selling and want to remain doing that? What about your personal life, are you constantly feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Figure out how you want both your business and life to looking like.

Being really honest with yourself on what you really aspire to is incredibly powerful. Decide what is right for you as an individual. Sometimes this takes real courage, especially if you’ve been on a different path or are being encouraged to follow another journey.

The next step I work through with my clients depends on what they want to achieve in their business. It’s about setting up the right processes and procedures in to achieve their goals and working on leveraging their listings and sales.

Leveraging your listings and sales is a powerful tool that will quickly accelerate the growth in your business. And when following this process, it’s a must that it’s done authentically and informatively. You're reaching out to your database to provide them with information and provide them with a service. Essentially for every listing and sale, you contact your database and keep them informed. You do this by SMS campaigns, through emails, newsletters, phone calls and letterbox drops. You inform everyone in your sphere about the listing, invite them to the home and follow them up with a result.

It’s important to personalise your campaign, make it align with your personal brand and speak in your tone of voice. Your goal is to establish yourself as THE dominate agent in your marketplace.

If you’d like to access my step by step process to follow that I work through with my clients, you can download my 51-point checklist! This shows you exactly when to inform, what to send and what to do to leverage your listings throughout the whole sale process. You can download it for FREE here:

Once you’ve dominated your marketplace via the letterbox, it’s now time to establish your brand, dominate social media and start building your celebrity profile!

So how can you dominate social media? Use it as a platform to inform, educate and entertain your followers. Film selfie videos when you first list a property and let everyone know about the listing – tell the story of the property and talk about the special qualities about it. Make sure that your photos are of a high-quality standard – book your photographer to take some shots of yourself as you would in your day to day role and build up a content bank. Think more candid shots vs corporate profile picture.

Share information about the current market, answer frequently asked questions that you get at your open homes, share the great things about your local area, talk about the nearby schools, parks, great local businesses. Be an information source for your buyers and sellers. You can post your new listings, sales and testimonials but don’t make your channels all about this. Most importantly make sure that your chosen channels are a reflection of you. Share your personality and show you are and why you love doing what you do.

If you want to explore this topic further and hear more about how you can go from zero to hero and rebuild your business, listen to this weeks’ episode of the Build Your Best Life podcast with Jane Caulfield from Fletchers Real Estate In Melbourne and Karen Chant from Bob Berry Real Estate in Dubbo, NSW. We talk all about the processes, procedure and how implementing them into their businesses, helped turn them around.

You can find episode #12 on your favourite podcast channel:

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