How to build your social media empire.

As a consumer, if we are looking for any kind of product or service, we google it. Typically, at the top of the organic search results, it’s the social media profiles - Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn that appear not only on the first page but at the very top.

These channels spend a lot of money to ensure that they are on page one of any search result, so it’s important that we embrace our social media channels and leverage off their investment!

Smart agents have embraced social media. Those agents have built businesses that put them into a position of being a listing magnet. One that directly leads to more warm and hot leads. They’ve built businesses that have allowed them to make outdated systems of prospecting and cold calling somewhat extinct.

So why aren’t all agents embracing it? The factors of overwhelm or confusion are leading them down to the path of not doing anything. Or they may not see it as a priority or perhaps they see it as an admin task for their PA to handle.