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How to Become an Agent of Change

It's no secret that you have BIG dreams for your real estate career.

You know what you want to achieve, and you know why you want to achieve it, but you don't know how to execute it.

You're ready, right now, to stop dreaming and start doing.

How do you get started?

The goal-setting process is the key to all of this.

When set appropriately, goals provide direction, a roadmap and a plan that you can adhere to along the way. You'll stay motivated and keep striving towards those big dreams.

Step one of the process is reflection. Take a look back at where you are in your business and life at present. List all the accomplishments you've made (and celebrate them!) and list the areas that you have room for improvement.

Acknowledging these provides you with a baseline to work from.

For your business, take note of these key stats in your business over the last 12 months:

- The GCI you achieved.

- The number of transactions you made.

- The number of auctions you held.

- The number of pages of print advertising you achieved.

- The average VPA per transaction you met.

The second step is to map out what you want each element of your life to look like.

Break down each portion into the categories below:

WORK - e.g. GCI + Number of auctions, listings, sales + Projects + Training

YOUR FINANCIALS - e.g.Savings, super, investments.

HEALTH - e.g. Exercise + Wellbeing + Diet

LOVE - e.g. You + your partner

FRIENDS AND FAMILY - e.g. Communication + Children + Parents + Siblings + Pets

FUN AND REWARDS - e.g. Holidays + Mini breaks + Material Rewards + Experiences

The third step involves mapping out how you intend to achieve your big life dream!

With your previous year's business stats, we know how you got to where you are today. By using that information, we can determine how many listings, sales, and listing presentations you need to do to reach your desired GCI and income!

Taking these steps and breaking them into bite-sized chunks is our next step. The key is to create daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly habits, hold yourself accountable for them, and implement systems that allow you to succeed.

Would you like more help becoming an agent of change?

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