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How to be of Influence in the Real Estate Industry.

Last week I spent three huge days at Elite Agents, Elite Retreat at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

Not only was I surrounded by some incredible attendees, and got to hear from some amazing speakers, I’m proud to say my online, self-paced course, MILLION DOLLAR AGENT was one of the event sponsors!

It was a jam-packed few day of networking and learning. One of the most impactful keynotes was from award-winning TV producer, Maz Farrelly

If you’ve watched it, Maz probably made it AND won an award for it. She’s produced shows such as Big Brother (5 seasons), Dancing With The Stars, The X Factor, The Celebrity Apprentice, The Farmer Wants A Wife and was one of the creators of Q&A on the ABC.

Maz spoke to us all about how if you differentiate yourself, you can win and here are a few (of many!) of my takeaways.

If you are trying to make ‘noise’ around your business and your profile, it’s about creating interesting content. It’s “not the audience’s job to be interested, it’s your job to be interesting".

Create your content with the intention of it being captivating. If it is your audience will want to stay and want more of it. Tell engaging stories – the more engaged your audience, the more likely they will be to act.

Before you start creating, you need to think about your position in the marketplace and where you want to be.

Does the way that you position and present yourself currently match that?

Do you have a unique selling point that differentiates you from your competitors?

Think of every interaction you have with a potential buyer and seller and how you can embody your brand – You are telling the world who you are by how you dress, how you present yourself, market yourself and how you interact with your audience!

As agents, we are not short of information to be able to communicate. From the stages of buying/selling, the marketplace, and our community – we have a huge amount of information at our fingertips that we can share. BUT… it’s how we communicate. You need to make sure that the way it is distributed is interesting.

You want to deliver information that sticks in the mind of the people that matter to you. Make it ‘sticky’. You want it to be so impactful to them that once you leave the room, they have remembered it and can repeat what you’ve said.

If you spend time planning and strategising how you communicate to your audience and meet them where they are, it benefits you in the end – good content helps people, is interesting, sharable and makes you look good!

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