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How to be a Modern Day Real Estate Agent

What is a modern-day agent?

For me, it's an agent who is the best in the field.

Continually improving themselves and adapting it to their needs is what they do.

They have adapted everything they have learned from the industry, personalised it to their brand and embraced their marketplace's wants and needs!

Learning how to do this will change your career, your business, and your income.

During my time as a real estate agent and now as a coach, I developed eight key elements to become the Ultimate Agent.

These are the critical foundations that you should be setting up and maintaining in your business.

They are:

Your Circle Of Influence.

Relationships are crucial within your business, with your network, and with your suppliers. In addition to forming a support network, these will also enable you to give and receive referrals and generate residual income. In addition, it will make sure you are up-to-date with any supplier news that you can use to educate your sellers and buyers.

Your Database.

We collect data from potential sellers and buyers every day as agents. Data is king, so make sure that you are saving it correctly! You should operate two databases. Social media and your everyday CRM. Reaching and communicating with your ideal audience is possible with both tools.

Process Driven

Become process driven in your business. A process means that you are checking off each step as you go and nothing is overlooked. Any member of your team can pick up a process, follow it, and represent your brand consistently. Think of creating processes for:

- Exceptional open homes - Prospecting - Handling enquiries - The listing to sale process - The after sale process

Property Presentation

There is more to a property's presentation than just the open house. Style the property, use the right photographer and copywriter to tell the story, create a custom marketing plan suited to the style and use property PR for those with exceptional stories.

The final step is to go above and beyond at your open houses. Ensure that the property is presented properly before opening, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for visitors with music and a signature scent. Also, ensure that all marketing collateral is clean, presentable, and informative. Furthermore, the quality of the images, videos, and advertisements you use to market your properties need to be high res!


Developing relationships with those in our industry who can share your story with the mass market is essential. Develop relationships with your sales reps (REA is Newscorp and Domain is Fairfax), find out who the editors/writers are in your market, and establish an authority in your field through networking (both huge publishing companies both online and in print!). In order to accomplish this, you will need to publish relevant media releases, engage in PR, and even use social media!

Personal Marketing

Learn how to build a celebrity profile. Make use of print, billboards, and social media ads, organise local events, participate in charities you believe in, and create lead capture pages. Become recognisable within your community as an industry leader.

Become the finest agent you can be.

Always be learning.

Being informed and continually educating yourself will set you apart from the crowd. Ensure that your skill set is high, and seek additional training if you need it. Maintain a thorough understanding of your product and market. Become the go-to real estate resource for your local area! Find top coaches, mentors, and courses to help you along the way. Success is a skill!

Maintaining a healthy mental state is also imperative. Ensure you show up as the best version of yourself by taking care of your help.

Exceptional service and results.

You can provide a higher level of service to your sellers and buyers if you use the elements above. Through each process, add extra 'touches' that represent you and your brand. Building a following will help you create a tribe, create raving fans, and result in repeat business and referrals.

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