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Are you really showing up authentically?

How are you showing up for your buyers and sellers?

Are you polished without a hair out of place?

Are you formal and professional in all your conversations and communications?

Are you scripted and rehearsed for all your presentations?

Do you have an answer prepared for every possible question that could be thrown at you?

Part of our role as a real estate agent is to be a professional and present ourselves that way.

But I have to ask.

Have we pushed it too far?

Is being too polished and over rehearsed costing you business?

We 100% need to be all the things that I outlined above.

However, there is one element that we have forgotten to implement in the process.

Your own flavour.

Your authentic self.

I think it time that we as real estate agents evolve and become less untouchable and more authentic and real.

It's time that we become more human.

People more often than not choose people.

The property journey for our buyers and sellers is a highly emotional one.

We need to start being more aware of that and build authentic relationship with our buyers and sellers.

It’s the art of creating a heart to heart connection with them.

It’s time that we start smashing the perception of real estate agents in the community.

I truly believe that if you change your focus from being less transaction driven and more relationship building you will find that you become a standout agent in your market place.

Building heart to heart connections with your buyers and sellers has a flow on effect.

Build that authentic relationship and it will make the sales process easier, particularly in the current market.

They will come to you and ask for your advice, instead of you having to tell them. This is especially important during auction campaigns. Especially when setting a reserve, discussing a change to the sales strategy and price changes.

You’ll become their trusted advisor and with that their lifelong agent.

Along with that you will start building your tribe. Buyers and sellers that are repeat clients and refer friends and family to you.

So I ask, how are you going to show your real self and build more authentic heart to heart connections for your next 365?

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